Design Build

With coordination, communication and teamwork as the goal, Sossamon Construction embraces the Design/Build model that maximizes efficiency and facilitates on-time, on-budget completion of your project.

Whatever the size and specifics of the building, the Sossamon Design/Build delivery simplifies responsibility and eliminates surprises.

This single-source process integrates the contractor into the design and planning process and insures that design and price coincide. Contracting with a single entity that oversees the project reduces the administrative burden on your end.

Throughout the life of the project, we serve as your point of contact. That eliminates miscommunication and minimizes change orders. By bringing together architecture, engineering and construction, a seamless process is created.

Whatever the business or the job, building a team attitude is the key to success. It encourages great ideas from all corners. It inspires energy and enthusiasm. That's the bottom-line goal for Sossamon and the clients we serve.

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