Daniel Morgan Square

Daniel Morgan Square

Spartanburg, SC

Sossamon Construction began construction in April 2005 with an endeavor to be substantially complete by Christmas. We fulfilled the City of Spartanburg’s request by completing this project early in December. Work included demolition of sidewalks, roads, storm sewer systems and more. We implemented a safety program to make sure all pedestrians, motorists, and construction personnel were protected. Traffic control and crowd control played a big part in daily operations. A challenging and successful part of this job was keeping businesses in operation while under heavy construction at the front door steps of numerous merchants. During the eight month renovation we installed approximately 40,000 square feet of brick pavers, a new water fountain, masonry piers and steps, iron fencing, relocated the famous Daniel Morgan statue, landscaping, curb and gutter and asphalt paving.


City of Spartanburg

3 Acres
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Daniel Morgan Square
Daniel Morgan Square
Daniel Morgan Square