Design Build


As your design builder, right off we understand we work for you. “You’re the boss.” We always listen to your needs and provide insight and recommendations from our extensive experience. With this method there are no capital expenditures because Sossamon Construction ensures that design and price coincide. As we develop the design, we use the knowledge of over 65 years considering specifics noted in PRECONSTRUCTION. We are your single point of contact eliminating the burden of coordination on the owner. Our system can speed up the delivery by overlapping design with construction, omitting time needed for the formal bid process.
In the traditional and long established design-bid-build, the project would be designed producing 100% complete construction bid documents with little to no involvement of the contractors in the design. Today’s trending methods have integrated the contractor into the design and planning process. We pride ourself in extremely accurate estimating using cutting edge technology as project design progresses giving the most value for the dollar. Additional benefits are realistic schedules of construction duration, material procurement and constructibility analysis.  Sossamon Construction provides an overall streamlined process from concept to completion.


Self Performance


Self performing is where Sossamon Construction has another edge. This gives us the ability to better control the pace of the project. It also helps keep costs down by eliminating additional mark ups.

    Design Build Advantages


  • Owner doesn’t have to wait to bid day to find out the project cost, possibly having to scrap the project while losing design fees. Contractor’s involvement provides feasibility study to keep the budget in-line.
  • Owner has single point of contact and responsibility. Doesn’t get stuck mediating between builder and architect.
  • Contractor takes the risk for design errors resulting in zero change orders.
  • Start construction earlier due to the omission of bid process and the site work contractor can begin work.
  • Owner doesn’t have to design fees up front. Sossamon Construction’s requisition succeeds design approval.
  • Contractor involvement and knowing background of design minimizing miscommunication.
  • With design build the team contractor/architect have a good working relationship. It’s more of a team attitude. They have promoted themselves as a team and it’s in their best interest to work as a team.